About me

Determined NO-DRAMA queen. Chronically sarcastic.

Hi, my name is Catrin...

…and I’m soooo excited that you’re here! 

Because if you’re here, it means that you have a chance to open the next (and better!) chapter in your relationship!

I genuinely hope that you will find the kind of happiness I was so lucky to have in the connection with my husband.

The methods and techniques we have developed over the years follow a very simple recipe that anyone can follow! And it doesn’t require any special skills, let alone a PhD to do the same – and reach a truly happy, relaxed and loving state in your relationship.

The only thing that IS required is that both you and your lovey are on board and fully committed. But if you really love each other, that shouldn’t be a hurdle, right?!?

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Most relationships don't fail because the people have changed.
Most of them fail because, at some point,
they stopped talking - and listening.

Catrin Beck


I’m serious when I say: All I want is for you to be as happy as we are!

I learned early that there are no guarantees in life – and that you have to work hard to get what you want.

BUT the saying “relationships are hard work” is not necessarily true!

All it takes is ATTENTION! And a lot of fresh color… 

Just like you pay attention to maintaining your health (hopefully! Because without it, life would really suck), your relationship needs a little maintenance.

And that’s NOT too HARD!


CEO at Post-Production Das Werk GmbH, Hamburg


  • Borderline workaholic
  • 12-14 hr days, 5-6 days a week
  • 1.2 million frequent traveler miles with 5 different airlines
  • first serious burn-out at age 27
  • weird on-and-off relationship with some weirdo
  • average of 15 friend VM’s on answering machine after a biz trip

Additional role as CEO at Post-Production Magic Video GmbH, Hamburg


  • Severe workaholic,
  • 14-16 hr days, 7 days a week
  • 1.9 million frequent traveler miles with 10 different airlines
  • nervous ticks + bossy syndrome
  • no time for a “real” boyfriend 
  • average of 3 friend VM’s on answering machine after a biz trip

Member of the Board at Max Alliance International Holding, Brussels


  • Mature dragon lady and total nutjob
  • So far out there that no man would DARE to come near me
  • 3.8 gazillion frequent traveler miles with 21 different airlines
  • made a boatload of money, but had no time to spend it 
  • ZERO friend VM’s after every biz trip
Also, BIG melt down at age 30; fundamental crisis, asking myself “is this REALLY what I want my life to look like?”
Met a guy named Roger who never wanted to get married EVER again. We got engaged 4 months later…

Got married on a sunny Saturday in September. Small but fun wedding reception with all the bells and whistles at “The Mozart Halls” in Hamburg.

My hairdresser was more nervous than me, and yelled at me “Man, you’re the least excited bride I’ve EVER given a hair-do!” 

Freelance Business Consultant at ARRI Film & TV, Munich 


  • Quit my job a board member and founded my own consulting business
  • Followed Roger from Hamburg to Munich

CEO at Ventuz Technology GmbH 3D Real-time Graphics, Munich

Move from Germany to the USA.

Director of Marketing Bright Systems/Bright Technologies

Founding of Garawen Business Strategy Consulting

Full-time Writer and hopefully soon a bestselling author.

No kids, one dog, super happy.

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